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Club Development Day 
The 2009 Club Development Day was held on Wednesday 1st July 2009.  It was attended by 12 clubs.  The presentation is available below.
Download Presentation

Effective Committee Meetings

 Click here to download the Effective Committee Meetings Resource The chairperson’s role is to control the meetings, accept motions and amendments, rule on points of order and see that the wishes of the meeting are carried out correctly and expediently. Meetings do not have to be run formally all the time and it is up to the chairperson to
decide how formally the meeting will be run. However there are times when you, as
leader, must know the ESSENTIAL RULES in order to:
• Give everyone a fair go
• Cut out ‘waffle’
• Reach decisions

Committee Resources
 Click here to download Taking the Lead for Club Presidents  Click here to download Show me the Money for Club Treasurers  Click here to download the Key to Efficiency for Club Secretaries

 President Job Description


 Treasurer Job Description


Secretary Job Description 






Committee Meeting Agenda
The agenda is the basis of any meeting and gives direction, structure and purpose to the meeting. The agenda should be drawn up jointly by the chairperson and secretary and should be followed in order, unless the meeting directs otherwise. The agenda should be circulated prior to the meeting so that members may attend the meeting prepared to make a well-informed contribution. 
Committee Meeting Agenda Template
AGM Agenda Template
Minutes of Meeting Template

Employment Contracts
Staff Employment Contract Template
Contractor Employment Contract Template
2006 Salary Scales from Personnel Solutions

Volunteer Management Action Plan
The Action Plan Template. A planning template inclusive of Volunteer Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, Training and Recognition.

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