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Squash Auckland Funding Forum
 “To provide a framework and give valuable tools for Squash Auckland affiliated squash clubs to develop and grow their clubs for the long term through a planned approach to funding”
SA Funding Procedure Plan detail.pdf
SA Funding Priority Matrix.pdf
Grant Application & Accountability checklist.pdf
Auckland Fund List Link - a useful link to the Department of Internal Affairs page allowing you to identify local trust operating in Auckland!OpenView&Start=1&Count=30&Expand=1
2008 ASB Community Trust Presentation

Cyril Howard (ASB Community Trust) and Paula Browning (NZCT) presentations on funding from the Club Development Day. 
ASB Community Trust have new policies in relation to what they fund, download the presentation to read more.
Download Presentation

For a overview of Trusts available to Squash clubs in Auckland download the document (contains links to all the Trusts websites).  Download Document
Step by Step Guide
When submitting a funding application follow the step by step guide below.

Step 1: Prepare a list of the items the club needs funding for throughout the year (use the funding database below to record your funding plan).  (Note Step Two)
Step 2: View the authorised purposes on each Trust websites to determine which trust you will apply to for each item. (An authorised purpose outlines what the Trust will and will not fund, this will ensure clubs do not apply for unauthorised items which will not be funded).
Step 3: Download application forms from each Trusts website or pick up a form from the local gaming site. (Gaming site locations can also be found on the Trusts websites).
Step 4: Request 2-3 quotes from suppliers for each item you want to seek funding for. (Quotes must be less than 3 months old)
Step 5: Ensure a Resolution (request) to apply for funding is included in the committee meeting minutes (see sample resolution below)
Step 6: Complete the Application Form and ensure all items on the Application Form have been included.
Step 7: Complete a Funding cover page (download from below) to ensure you have completed pre application components.
Step 8: Write cover letter to go with your Application. (See below for template)
Step 9: Await outcome of funding and refer back to Cover page for post funding process.

*Steps 4 and 5 often slow the funding application process ensure that quotes are received prior to the committee meeting and plan you funding applications around the committee meeting dates.  

Funding Database
Click here to download a fundiing database spreadsheet.  This can be used to plan what funding applications your squash club is going to make in the year ahead and monitor successful/declined applications.

Cover Letter

Ensure a cover letter  is included with you application.  Click here to download a sample cover letter.
Application Cover Page -  for your records
Attach the funding cover page to your application to ensure you complete the process, including post grant requirements & completing your database.

Alternatively download the Lion Foundation checklist - this checklist includes a list of things that you should consider when applying for funds. 

Sample Meeting Resolution
Sample Trust Resolution
Return Letter

Ensure the invoices and bank statements are sent back to the Trust with a return letter

Council Funding
See your local council website for funding opportunites.  Grant purposes and availability differ for each council, view the community grants section of your local council website for more information.
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