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With the introduction of the SNZ IT platform, the grading  list is updated on a daily basis. 
Prior to the IT Platform, the grading lists were publidhed evry two weeks.
*Super Champs - to be eligible to play Super Champs for any given club a player must be on the clubs 15th June Grading list. 

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Q & A  
Q. How can clubs and players ensure there are no delays in getting players points onto the Grading List?
A. Make sure each time you play interclub or in a tournament that your captain or the tournament controller has the correct code down for you.
A. If you change clubs, make sure your new club statistician puts through a Change of Player form as soon as possible, this form needs to include your new code.
A. Make sure the Interclub Result card is posted the night you play, or the very next day after your competition.

Q. Can I know exactly what my points are at any given time?
A. No. It is virtually impossible for a player to accurately calculate his/her point adjustments arising from matches between each grading list. A player has no way of knowing which results have or have not been entered into the system between each grading list or how many points they have gained/lost from playing the opposition. (i.e. the opponent’s points are unknown between each grading list).

Q. Why are there delays in my points going onto the grading list?
A. The delay can be caused by many errors;
An incorrect code, either yours or your opponents.
When an interclub card is sent to Squash Auckland they send it off to the National Input Office.
If a code is incorrect, or no code is recorded, it is returned to Squash Auckland, to be corrected. This will cause delays because the Interclub administrator then has search for the correct code, often asking the District Statistician if this person has a code at all, and then return it back to the National Input Office to be re-processed.

Tournament result delays can be caused by club statisticians not getting results to District Statistician within the first week. The District Statisticians job is to check over the tournament results against the draw. (Some Club Statisticians forget to send the draw, so nothing can be processed until it arrives at the District Statisticians office).
Once it is checked over, it is sent off to the National Input Office for processing. It then comes back to the District Statistician with any codes highlighted that may have been entered incorrectly.
Sometimes the player has changed clubs but the tournament director hasn't been informed and some are no longer on the current grading list.

Sometimes there has been an error when the Club statistician adds the results onto the tournament result form from the draw, and sometimes, the player has given an incorrect code.
These errors also have to be corrected by the District Statistician, who then sends it back to the National Input Office.

Interclub results are being sent into the National Input Office weekly.

Tournament results are being turned over the same day the tournament is received by the District Statistician.

In a perfect world, the results should take no more than 10 days to turnover.

PHOTO: Nick McHugh vs Matt McHugh in the 2007 Open Interclub Final
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