Interclub Captains Page
The information contained here is designed to assist Interclub Captains to manage the team and their time for the duration of the season.

Your role is to manage the team not mother them.

Interclub Rules 
as Captain, having an understanding of the rules is imperative - ignorance is not an acceptable excuse should your team be subject to a protest.
Read the rules Interclub Rules   
As Captain, being organised at the beginning of the season can save you a lot of time and headaches later on in the season.

The Team Draw provides your teams draw and venue information for the season.
Contacting team captains - go to the Team Draw page and enter the season and division details -  by clicking on your opposition team tab you can open their team details. Should an opposition team captains not be provided then you will need to contact the teams club to get the team captains contact information.

Things a Captain can do to help the team - many captains put together a team pack including:
  • Organise a team meeting and provide the ground rules for the season - this is particually helpfull for new players.
  • Team contact list - Once the team is named provide the team with a team member list (Name, phone, email).
  • Team Draw - provide the team with the draw.
  • Team draw - highlite home games and remind the team that everyone contribute to the meal.
  • Initial - Team playing roster - to help everyone out name the team to play for each round / include a reserve. Give the team time (1 week) to come back with any amendments due to committments.
  • Finalise team playing roster
  • Reserve - in naming a reserve should a player at a late stage be unavailable the reserve comes into the side. Ideally the unavailable player contacts the reserve and organises.

Team Captain - Draw, team and contact detail template - this is a tool which you can modify and use - in our experience this saves captains alot of hassles during the year - simply fill in the details
download template

Team Playing order - is determined in order of grading points Highest (1) to lowest (4) The latest team information is updated by Squash Auckland on the preceeding Thursday.
The information is on the front page of the website:

Team Managers communication to other team Captains: The general rule of thumb is - the earlier the better to let the other captain know any issues you have in getting your team organised.

  • Contacting other Team Captains -  contact details are available on the "Team Draw" page - simply click on the opposition team name tag and the team and contact details will be displayed. On the odd occasion where a team captains details are not listed then you will need to contact the club the team play for. 
  • If you can't get a complete team together - let the opposing team captain know that there are problems and that you are wokring on getting them sorted.
  • The absolute last option is to withdraw the team - this must be done prior to midday on the day of play.
  • Note: DO NOT leave it till the last minute. There is a $100 fine for teams failing to inform the opposition of your inability to field a team by the midday deadline.
  • If you have a late registration then let the other captain know and ensure it is noted on the interclub card. Late registration players are only elligible to play in your grade if they are below the top team in your grades average points when teams are registered (beginning of the season)
  • If you have a guest player (filling in) let the opposing captain know.

    Interclub Score Card: The score card needs to be completed and signed by captains at the conclusion of play. It is the Captains responsibility to ensure the card is complete and accurate. How to

  • Protests: once the results are entered on line an email is generated and sent to both team captains. Any protests must be received by Squash Auckland within 7 days from the date of entry.








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