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Team playing order - highest points graded player to lowest points graded player. A lower points graded player may not play above a higher points graded player.

Men are eligible to play Masters Interclub upon turning 40 within the calendar year, and women are eligible upon turning 39 (2014 40)

Masters Teams  - 1x A Grade (men and women) player per team on any given round of the competition. Mens grading list (women) grade applies.

All women (exception masters teams) Bgrade and below wishing to play in the men's competition must apply for dispensation from the interclub committee prior to playing. 

Interclub results should be loaded within 7 days. If the results have not been loaded within 14 days, the host club will forfeit any competition points earned.

Protests must be submitted through the interclub system within 7 days of the result being loaded and submitted. Protests will not be accepted outside of this period.

A player may play for teams in higher divisions (subject to other rules herein) a maximum of two times and remain eligible to play in his/her registered division. Thereafter, that is on the third instance, the player is no longer eligible to play for his/her original team.

Senior and Master’s Interclub: A late registered player’s grading list points must not exceed the average points of the top 5 players in the top ranked team of the division. The points limit will be recorded on the team lists page of the Squash Auckland website. A breach of this would result in a 12-0 default by the team fielding an ineligible player.

A player must have competed for a team at least twice during pool play in order to be eligible for play off matches. 

Once the draw has been published all additions to a team will be treated as late registrations.
Once registered, players may play up in a higher division but not down. Where a club has more than 1 team in a division those players may not be interchanged. Nor can a player playing up into that division play in both teams during the competition. 
If at the start of a contest a team is short of a player, all players must move up ie if player 1 is sick and you only have 3 players on the night you need to play in position 1, 2, & 3 and #4 wins/loses by default.
If you are playing short, let your opposition know – this is common courtesy – it will affect their catering and the team they field.

Each team is required to have two members present and ready to play at 7pm. A third player must be present by 7.30pm. Failure to do this may mean the defaulting team may forfeit the match. If you are running late let the captain of the opposing team know – YOU SHOULD NEVER BE RUNNING LATE WHEN YOU ARE THE HOST TEAM! Always take your team list sheet with you so have a contact number. Never assume they will wait for you!!
The playing order on all nights is 2, 4, 3, 1 unless changed by mutual agreement.
A fine of $100 is imposed by Auckland for a team default without sufficient warning or excuse and will be passed onto the team concerned. When one or two players are unable to play you do not need to default the entire team. If a replacement cannot be found a guest player (someone who does not normally qualify for registration) may be played, however, only individual grading points will be recorded, no team points. You must advise the opposition prior to commencement of games and captains must agree on the position the player is played.

House keeping
Please check to ensure you have filled in ALL the required information eg Division, Date, Venue, player’s name, & code.

Host Team Duties

As the host team you need to arrive in plenty of time to check that supplies have been left for you. Ensure the card is completed correctly and signed by both captains. Where there is a default or query, note the card saying if the host club was advised in plenty of time etc. 

Interclub Online Administration

Squash Auckland has developed a new web based system that will be used to administrate Senior and Masters Interclub.

Entering Teams
Only Club Managers are authorised to enter teams online. Please ensure you contact your Club Manager/person in charge of entering Interclub Teams if you are interested in playing Interclub.

Entering Results
Entering the team’s results online after the match is the responsibility of the Host Club/Home Team Manager. 

Once the match results have been entered an email will be sent to both team captains advising that the results have been posted and they have 7 days to lodge a protest. (7 days from when they were entered, not 7 days from the date of play). 

Cards should not be sent to Squash Auckland anymore. It is the responsibility of the host club to keep the cards until the end of the calendar year.
Squash Auckland no longer charges late registrations fees for players who register after the competition has begun. However please be aware that after each competition clubs will be advised which members were late registrations and it will be at the clubs discretion to decide whether those members will be charged late registration fees. Money collected goes to the club not to Squash Auckland. 

PHOTO:  2007 North Shore Cousin Shield Team

Code of Conduct
The Squash Auckland Code of Conduct outlines the culture and behaviours that we have aligned to our sport. Squash is acompetitive sport, however there are clear expectations and repsonsibilties for those that particpate in the sport
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