Facility Maintenance
Maintenance Handbook
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Maintenance Plan/Schedule
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Court Markings - Floor 
There are 4 Squash Court markings:
a. The short Line
b. The half court line
c. The right service box
d. The left service box 

All court markings must be 50 mm wide and contrast in colour to the adjoining surfaces and
All floor markings must be of the same colour.
All court markings shall be straight to within plus or minus 2 mm in three metres. 
The Short Line which runs parallel to the front & back walls of the court is 4260 mm from the
back wall.
The Half Court line runs from the back wall to the Short Line and is parallel to and equidistant
From each of the side walls.
Each service box is square with internal sides of 1600 mm. 

Procedure to Apply Tape
1. Apply to a clean, dry & dust free surface
2. Once the tape is applied, cut with a razor blade at intersections & obvious places where wearing out occurs, to prevent accidental lifting & to help with ease of replacement.
3. To remove existing tape, use a hairdryer I heat gun or something similar.
4. Scotch Brand 471 Vinyl Tape is the recommended tape to use. Two rolls per court needed
6. Tape can be purchased from Squash NZ at $65 per roll + GST, postage & packing.
Sanding Court Floors
Courts should have a natural wood finish.  They should be sanded and left.
Courts should be finished with 80 grit sand paper.
Court Coatings/Paint
There can be no more than three different colours on the floor and wall playing surfaces
within the court.
Each of the side walls shall be of the same colour.
The front wall may be two colours, one below and one above the service line. The front wall
colours need not be the same colour as the side walls.
All colours are to have a minimum reflectance value of 50% and all colours must be of the
same reflectance value + or - 10%
Colours are permitted on all new and existing courts providing that the average illumination
does not fall below the recommended standard of 500 lux or the minimum standard of 300
lux. Click here to read more

Paint Supplier
The recommended paint supplier is: Resene Paints
Resene Squash Court Coating is a two pack waterborne epoxy especially developed for coating squash court walls to give a durable, tough coating with excellent resistance to abrasion. 

For full coating/painting and epoxy fillers specifications contact Squash Auckland. 

For further information phone: 0800 RESENE or visit the Resene website www.resene.co.nz  

ASB Court Systems
Neven Barbour holds the NZ licence for ASB Systems.  Phone 0274 947 298
ASB Product Range
Court Lighting

Lighting Installation
The court must be lit by artificial light. The level of illumination, measured 1000 mm above
the finished floor level, has a recommended standard of 500 lux. The minimum standard is
300 lux. For Television lighting the standard is 1200 lux.
The walls ofthe court shall be lit in such a way as to appear evenly and uniformly illuminated
and the lux levels shall not vary at any point by more than 15% from the average level of
The lighting shall be shadow free and free from any stroboscopic effects.
In order to provide even illumination to the side walls, open ended angled reflectors should be
used and all reflectors should have slotted top sections to allow the light to reflect on to a light
coloured ceiling finish.
Where a glass rear wall is used the level of lighting in the area outside the court should be of
the same standard as the lighting on the court.
Click here to view companies who specialist in Court Lighting

Court Ventilation System
Click here to read more about the Avon Electric Squash Club ventilation for condensation System

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