Facility Management
Facility Report - November 2009
This report outlines key facility issues and recommendations for future facility development.
Squash Auckland has included the recommendations from this report in the 2010 business plan.  Please contact Steve Hodges on 623 7856 for more information about this report and/or assistance in actioning some of the recommendations at your club.
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Smart Clubs Management

 Click here to download the Smart Clubs Resource Taking time to address organisational issues will help your club manage risks, be sustainable, avoid conflicts, and provide appropriate service to its members and community.
Not sure where to start? Use the checklist to quickly identify areas within your club that are being done well, and those that are not.

Facility Management Plan
What is a Management Plan?
A management plan (sometimes referred to as a strategy plan or a business plan) is a written document which outlines:
• The aims and objectives of the facility: What are we trying to achieve?
• The strategies used to meet the objectives: How will we achieve it?
• The evaluation methods used to measure performance: How will we know if
we are achieving it?
A management plan is a formal planning tool which aims to design the future operations of the club, so as to achieve the best result with limited resources.
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Facility Management Guide
Click here to download the Facility Management Guide  This guide contains a series of practical tools to help Clubs through the process of developing an asset management plan so that the clubs facilities are productive and sustainable. 
Facility Checklist
This Checklist includes Facility description, Planning, Administration and Management, Finance, Facility Management, Risk Management, Information Management, Liquor Licence Requirements & an Action Plan.

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Facility Needs Assessment
What is a Needs Assessment?
The first stage in the planning of successful sport and
recreational facilities is the
identification of the needs of the community.
A Needs Assessment will comprehensively test whether a new facility is required
or whether the need can be satisfied in some other way. If it is found that a new
facility is required, the Needs Assessment will provide clear direction with regard
to the most appropriate scope, scale, component parts and the like of the proposed
facility. Such a concept can then be tested in a feasibility study which is the second
stage in the facility planning process.

Needs Assessment studies may essentially be undertaken to determine:
• The potential need for a project which has been proposed or is being discussed
within the community.
• To assess the sport and recreation needs of a community within a particular
area. The size of the area being studied may be a single suburb, a local
authority or a region comprising several local authorities.

Facility Needs Assessment Resource

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