Marketing your Club to your membership and local community is incredibly important.
We have enough members?
It puts pressure on our courts?
It costs too much
We are under resourced
A changing landscape for sports clubs
77% of Aucklanders participate in Sport once a week
There are literally thousands of clubs/community groups all competing for the increasingly illusive disposable dollar $$$$$.
Auckland Sports Club membership levels across all sports is in excess of 300,000 members.
There are numerous options available to people today that weren't there 10 years ago. The perception of a "Lack of Time" is recognised as a key contributor to the decision making process when it comes to playing a sport. 
Some Facts.
Membership numbers are considerably down on 10 years ago
Your membership is ageing?
The ratio of male to female players is increasing
Your revenue is down?
Your facility is ageing and your facility costs are up?
The reality is today’s membership won't be paying the bills in 5 years time.
Alternative Court Usage
Squash Courts can be used to deliver alternative sports. 
Clubs may choose to use the court space and/or club rooms for alternative sports...
1.  As a social activity/fundraiser for existing members
2. To recruit new members by offering additional services
3. As an opportunity to generate additional revenue by offering alternative sports
4. To provide additional opportunities/services to school groups  

Download Rules for Alternative Games

Best Practice Initiatives
Click here to download the notes from the Best Practice

The Best Club in the World
   Click here to download the Best Club in the World Resource    The Best Club in the World  booklet is packed with suggestions on how to lift your membership numbers.  The most important message is that sometimes the simple things work best.  Dowload the file for 21 practical ways to double your membership!
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Marketing and Promoting your Club

 Promoting and Marketing your Club

Sample Marketing Plan

The Sample Marketing Plan has been completed for a Junior Club Open Day.

to download the notes from the Best Practice
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