Masters Interclub
2013 Masters Winter Pennant     

Note: Women eligibility 39 years 2013

Entries open:  
Monday 18th February 
Entries close:  3pm Friday 22nd February

Format:  8 teams per division, 2 round robins, followed by semi finals and finals rounds
Play:  Wednesday evenings

Play will not be held: 
May 8th Auckland Open (gap R1 to R2)
June 19th (Superchamps)
Round 1                                                    Round 2
March13th                                           May 15th
March     20th                                               May    22nd
March 27th                                           May29th
April 3rd                                          June 5th
April 10th                                          June12th
April 17th                                            June26th
April 24th                                          July3rd
Play off Venues Masters 2013
Division                             SF Venue  10/7/13         Final Venue 17/7/13
MS01                                  Panmure                               North Shore
MS02                                  Devonport                            Browns Bay
MS03                                  Titirangi                                 Devonport
MS04                                  North Shore                          Howick
MS05                                  Papakura                              Weymouth
MS06                                  Eden Epsom                          Remuera
MS07                                  Remuera                               Manurewa
MS08                                 Weymouth                             Herne Bay
MS09                                 Silverdale                               Royal Oak
MS10                                 Royal Oak                             Henderson                    

2013 Masters Spring Pennant

Entries open:  Monday 22nd July
Entries close:  3pm, Friday 26th July

Format:  6 teams per division, 2 round robins. 
Play:  Wednesday evenings. 

Play will not be held:
September 6th (Auckland Masters), 
Sept 18th gap R1 - R2

Round 1                                          Round 2 
August7th                                        September 25th
August14th                                          October  2nd
August21st                                         October9th
August28th                                        October16th
September11th                                        October23rd

PHOTO: Henderson Div 10 2007 Masters Pennant Winners

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