An Intro to PSA
Download the Intro to PSA to find answers to the questions below
What does a tournament have to provide in order to become a PSA World Squash Tour sanctioned event?
What does PSA provide to an event as part of the PSA World Squash Tour?
Elevated Star – what is it and how does it work…
Non Scoring Option
PSA rule on Exempt (local) players
Guidelines for Promoters on what they need to offer if providing hotel or private hospitality.
PSA Media Rights
PSA Photographic Service
PSA scoring
Frequently asked questions
PSA Events 
This checklist has been produced to cover all levels of PSA events from Satellite up to Super Series status. This is the ideal scenario for registering an event with PSA, but more often than not these time-scales are condensed depending on when you register your tournament. Remember, it is always advisable to register as early as possible to secure your preferred dates.

The most important thing for you to remember is that the PSA Office is always here to help you along the road to presenting a top class tournament. Please do not hesitate at any time to raise any questions or queries you may have.
Organising a PSA Event
The purpose of this document is to offer some helpful advice on planning, organising and promoting of a PSA Tour Event. The document is only a guide and the PSA recognises that events will have vastly different cultural and sponsorship requirements.

The advice is taken from many sources and the recommendations are largely the result of the experiences of many PSA Tour Promoters. 

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