Club Planning
Insurance with Apex General
Squash Auckland has consulted Apex General regarding insurance policies and premiums paid by Auckland Clubs.  One of Apex Generals insurance companies has put together a package for 'Squash Clubs & Associations'.  Squash Auckland estimate this companies premiums are approximately 25-30% lower than those currently paid by many clubs.

There are 3 packages offered, please download the documents below to read about the cover associated with each policy.
Material Damage
Business Interruption
Elite Association Protector (includes Officers & Entity liability, Fidelity, Employment Liability, Statutory Liability, Employers Liability, Investigations, Inquiries & Prosecution & Reinstatement, IP, Defence costs and a few others.  This is an overview only for full policy wording contact Squash Auckland or Apex directly).
Contact:  Apex General Account Manager Alison Adams on 09 968 9789 or 021 985 053

Click here to download a club insurance checklist. The checklist includes who should be insured and the types of insurance to consider.
Strategic Planning Guide

Click here to download the Strategic Planning guide for Squash Clubs.  This 3 page document gives an overview of the Strategic Planning Process and Planning components.
SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is an exercise your club can go through to identify what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats exist at your club.
Once this process has been completed your club should then identify ways in which your club needs to respond to what has been identified. 
Click here to download the SWOT Analysis Template

Club Operational/Business Planning
An operational or business plan is derived from the strategic plan. This business plan is a detailed action plan to accomplish the objectives of the club. It outlines who is responsible to carry out the tasks, time frames, costs for each year of the plan’s duration and performance indicators.
Click here to download the Club Operational Plan Template

Club Budget
Click here
 a sample operating budget Template

Club Risk Audit
Use the Risk Audit Checklist to assist with the development of your risk management action plan

Club Constitution
A constitution is a basic set of rules for the daily running of your club. It details for members and others the name, objects, methods of management and other conditions under which your club or group operates and generally the reasons for its existence. It also regulates the relationship between members by setting out the basis for working with other co-members.
Click here to download a Draft Constitution Template
Manual to assist with developing a Club Consitution

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