Secondary School Research - August 2009
Please find below the research completed by Squash Auckland in Secondary Schools. 
Squash players and non squash players were surveyed to test assumptions about squash and compare students thoughts & attitudes towards both squash and the other sports they play.

Reseach Findings
Powerpoint Presentation of findings
Table of Findings - raw data
Verbatims Report - responses to qualitative questions

The research findings will be incorporated into the 2010 Squash Auckland business plan.
Te Papapa Club-School Partnership Project

In late 2006 Te Papapa Squash Club, Squash Auckland & Sport Auckland collaborated to develop and implement a  School-Club Programme.  The aim of the project was to develop and implement two new initiatives that link students leaving selected Secondary schools to Te Papapa Squash Club. 
An implementation plan was developed to ensure maximum utilisation of the clubs facilities and resources available.
The project has been completed with some success and key recommendations for clubs who would like to undertake a project of similar nature. 
Click here to view the programme overview and report.

Developing School Club Links
Download the School-Club link Checklist to help with planning
The checklist will assist the Club to effectively contact and develop a relationship with the local school/s.
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