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Squash Excellence Awards

2012 Winners
Most Improved Junior Boy             Matthew Yam (NS)
Most Improved Junior Girl              Sian Duggan (EE)
Most Improved Male (senior)         Philip Tau (MR)
Most Improved Female (senior)     Lorette Schmidt (HD)
Team of the Year                             North Shore Mitchell Cup 
Referee of the Year                          Heather Findlay (RM)
Coach of the Year                            Carol Owens (EE)
Master of the Year                           Gary Dubberly (NS)
Administrator of the Year               Aileen Buscke (RM)
Volunteer of the Year                      Hohaia Whanaui (HD)
Young Sportsman of the Year        Sion Wiggin (NS)
Young Sportswoman of the Year   Abbie Palmer (NS)
Sportsman of the Year                    Lance Beddoes (HD)
Sportswoman of the Year               Ellie Epke (EE)
Personality of the Year                    Ian Gunthorp (RM)
Club of the Year                               Harcourts Eden Epsom

2011 Winners
Most Improved Junior Boy            Sam Dennis (RM)
Most Improved Junior Girl             Devon Wright (NS)
Most Improved Male                      Brandon Wallace (RO/EE)
Most Improved Female                  Sian Duggan (EE)
Team of the Year                          Men’s B Grade Super Champs Team (EE)
Referee of the Year                        Terry Manuatu
Coach of the Year                          Mark Waldin (NS)
Master of the Year                         Bruce Mellor (RM)
Administrator of the Year             Kirsty Bamford (EE)
Volunteer of the Year                   Moringa Ashford (HD)
Young Sportsman of the Year     Lance Beddoes (HD)

Young Sportswoman of the Year  Eleanor Epke (EE)
Sportsman of the Year                 Martin Knight (NS)
Sportswoman of the Year           Jaclyn Hawkes (RM)
Personality of the Year                Karen Hadfield (MR)
Club of the Year                           Manurewa2009 Winners 

2009 Winners
Most Improved Junior Female Player -  Hayley Hughes (Eden Epsom)
Most Improved Junior Male Player - Harry Tapsell (Remuera))
Most Improved Female Player - Georgina Shelton Agar (Remuera)
Most Improved Male Player - Alex Grayson (Remuera))
Team of the Year - B Grade Super Champs Teams (Remuera)
Coach of the Year - Carol Owens (Eden Epsom)
Referee of the Year - Heather Findlay (Eden Epsom)
Administrator of the Year - Brett Dennis (Royal Oak)
Masters Individual of the Year - Gary Duberly (North Shore)
Young Sportsman of the Year (U21) - Alex Grayson (Remuera)
Young Sportswoman of the Year (U21) - Lana Harrison (Remuera)
Sportsman of the Year - Campbell Grayson (Herne Bay)
Sportswoman of the Year - Lana Harrison (Remuera)
Personality of the Year - Garry Samuels (North Shore)
Club of the Year - Royal Oak Raquets Club

2008 Winners 
Most Improved Junior Female Player -  Hayley Hughes (Eden Epsom)
Most Improved Junior Male Player - Sion Wiggin (Browns Bay)
Most Improved Female Player - Jackie Laurenson (Remuera)
Most Improved Male Player - Alex Grayson (Titirangi)
Team of the Year - F Grade Super Champs Teams (Eden Epsom)
Coach of the Year - Manu Yam (Belmont Park)
Referee of the Year - Pat McHugh (North Shore)
Administrator of the Year - Rochelle Hobbs (Henderson)
Masters Team, Club or Individual of the Year - Sue Marsters (Manurewa)
Young Sportsman of the Year (U21) - Alex Grayson (Titirangi)
Young Sportswoman of the Year (U21) - Abbie Palmer (Warkworth)
Sportsman of the Year - Kashif Shuja (Royal Oak)
Sportswoman of the Year - Louise Crome (Remuera)
Personality of the Year - Graeme Vincent (Papakura)
Club of the Year - Henderson Squash Club

Awards Criteria and Information

The aim of the 2010 Squash Excellence Awards is to recognise outstanding achievement, performance and service in the Greater Auckland squash community between 1st October 2009 and 30th September 2010.

The qualifying period is 1st October 2009 – 30th September 2010
The Club must be affiliated to Squash Auckland and Squash New Zealand during the period of eligibility.
It is the responsibility of the person nominating to ensure that the nomination is endorsed by the president of the club.

Judging Panel
Squash Auckland will select a panel of judges.
The judging panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
The judging panel reserves the right to make no award in a Category, if the standard of nomination(s) is/are deemed unsatisfactory. The judging panel also reserves the right to make nominees eligible for other categories if and where appropriate.
The Judging panel reserves the right to recognise additional Sports Achievement at the Sports Awards which may not fall into the general judging criteria.

Nomination must be submitted before (e copy preferred): TBC
Award Criteria

Volunteer of the Year
Has demonstrated committment and enthusiasm
Has made significant contribution and difference to the club (over past 12months)

Most Improved Junior Female Player
Most Improved Junior Male Player
Most Improved Female Player
Most Improved Male Player

o Have significantly improved over the period of eligibility
o Results demonstrate improved performance
o Has demonstrated commitment and dedication to the game
o Has potential to continue improving

Coach of the Year
o Plans are in place to advance the develop of his/her players
o Is respected by players and the squash community for his/her technical knowledge and delivery
o Has made efforts to develop and upskill
o Displays qualities of dedication and commitment
o Has made a measurable improvement to the performance of the club and players

Referee of the Year
o Has been an active referee at club, Auckland or National level
o Is dedicated and committed to following the referee pathway to become an Auckland and/or     National referee.
o Displays a consistently high standard of refereeing

Administrator of the Year
o Demonstrates administrative excellence (systems, processes and communication)
o The club has shown measureable improvement in key administration areas as a result of the individuals efforts

Masters Team, Club or Individual of the Year
o Demonstrates a willingness to participate in club activities and achieves success (relative to capability)
o Influences team/club culture and has impact on other Masters players
o Demonstrates leadership in Masters squash

Team of the Year
o The team has performed consistently throughout the season
o Has had significant levels of success (relative to ability)
o Team has consistently displayed qualities of sportsmanship and fair play (team/club culture).

Young Sportsman of the Year (U21)
Young Sports Woman of the Year (U21)
Sportsman of the Year
Sports Woman of the Year

o Has achieved a high level of performance within the period of eligibility. Outstanding results and improved ranking (National & International)
o Has made a significant contribution to Squash within Auckland
o Maintains a high level of commitment on the court
o Displays dedication and fair play

Personality of the Year
o Has made an outstanding contribution to squash at club and/or Auckland level
o Is well known and respected both on and off the court

Club of the Year
See nomination form for judging criteria

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