Club Member Database Software
ClubMember Database Software
- easily manage your membership
- remove the drudgery of many administration tasks
- very easily provide information that is often difficult to obtain
- tips for administrators

Club Access/Light Systems
The most well known and widely used systems are the Keri Key Tag and Hawkeye systems.
For more information and quotes contact: 

Integrated Control Technology - Hayden Burr
P  09 476 7124
M  021 444 944
E hburr at

Keri Key Tag - Jeff McKay
M  0274 511 185

Hawkeye - Richard Walkinshaw
M  0272 300 155
P  04 560 4829
E richard.walkinshaw at

Club Website
- Portal on Squash Auckland Website
All Auckland Squash Clubs have the capability to host their own website via the
portal system within this website. (see clubs tab above).  Squash Auckland staff will train key club personel how to use their clubs  website. Portal access will be permitted to a selected club members who will receive the access password.
All tournaments on the calendar are entered through the club portal and are then visible on the calendar page
Squash Auckland thanks ASB Community Trust for funding this website

Tournament Software
Critique Draw Programme
The Critique Programme was developed by Squash Bay of Plenty.  It runs on Access 2002 or higher, this is a microsoft office programme and is not hugely common.  However there is a likely to be one person in each club who has it on their computer.
As part of this programme an individual level of support is limited to Squash Bay of Plentys work hours.
Contact:  Squash Bay of Plenty on 07 348 8304 or email admin at 
Cost:  Approx $50 per court

Quick Draw
QuickDraw 2.9 can:
• Create 4,5,6,8,10,16 and 32 draws.
• Store a database of all player names, codes and points, which can be imported into its system each time the new grading list is published on NZ Squash's web page. (No more manually typing these details)
• Store addresses and phone numbers of competitors in all previous tournaments.
• Quickly search for required players.
• Present printed copies of each division.
• Print player-lists (sorted by points, club or surname) with 1st round match times, phone numbers and other details.
• Print out tournament results in the required format for the club statistician to send to NZ Squash.(MS Excel needed to make this easier)
• Most of all - save hours of handwriting.
• QuickDraw 2.9 is a stand alone windows program and will run in Win95 or later requiring 10-15 MB of HD space.
Excel (or Access ) is not required to run Quickdraw, excel is only needed if you want to export data to. eg draws,results, player lists, match-times grid. All relevant data can still be saved as plain text files and in the case of draws, printed directly

Trial copy for your next tournament- Free 
The current individual price structure stands as follows
• Full Edition- 4,5,6,8,10,16 plus 32 draw. $85.00/ year / club
• Standard Edition- As full edition but without 32 draw. $65.00 / year / club
• Basic Edition- 4 and 8 draw only. $45.00/year / club 
 A yearly licence fee as listed above will apply for further use

QuickDraw installs from a CD which will be posted to you
Contact:  Tony Hendry on 07 829 7278 or email tonyh at
Quick Draw Website 

Xero Accounting Software
Xero is an online accounting system that gives you and your treasurer easy access to the  most up-to-date financial figures – bank transactions, invoices, GST – anytime you need it, from anywhere in the world.
Clubs pay $25 per month for Xero

Basic Database Assessment
Use the questions in the assessment tool to  help you think through your accounting database needs. This tool will also help you determine if your Club needs a database.

SMS Solutions
Would your club like to have the ability to SMS members?
Squash Auckland recommends the following two text messaging services:

Set Up fee $99 + gst
monthly access fee of $10 + gst per account
Messaging Rates:
10 cents per message to telecom mobiles
17 cents per message to other network mobiles
Phone 0800 400 999

Message Media
Set Up fee $49 + gst, unlimited Users, 1 off payment
Messaging Rates:
1-1000:  20 cents per message
1,001-5000: 18 cents per message
5,001-10,000: 16 cents per message
There are no contract periods adn there is a 30 day money back guarantee

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